Head Games (A Tribute to FOREIGNER)

Saturday, July 28, 2018 at 10PM 37 Main Buford

Head Games is an Atlanta based professional tribute act that perfectly recreates the music of one of the best known musical groups in history, Foreigner!
Downey Poteat / Lead Vocals
Downey has had a lifelong singing career starting from age eight. He has been a lead singer for many full and part time bands throughout Georgia and the Southeast. He has won several competitions including the State Colgate Country Showdown and he has also appeared on the Voice. His vocal style is a perfect match for Lou Graham’s vocals with FOREIGNER. His command of the stage is the force behind the powerful stage show created by Head Games!

Gary Edwards / Guitar & Vocals
Gary started touring the country throughout the mid-west and south during the early eighties. He opened up for some of the largest touring acts in the country at the time. Transitioning to Los Angeles, he became an in-demand session player for the next 15 years, sharing the stage and studios with the likes of Journey, Toto, and many more stars of the era. Now we find him in the best FOREIGNER tribute act in the country with Head Games. Come out and enjoy his guitar skills that have been honed over 4 decades of playing.

Nate Fink / Keyboards & Vocals
Growing up with the music of FOREIGNER, Nate is an Atlanta based rock keyboardist (synthesizer, organ, piano) who is a veteran of the Atlanta rock music scene. Using multiple keyboards and technology, Nate is able to reproduce the signature sounds of FOREIGNER in a live concert setting. As a voice major in College, Nate also adds strong vocal support to recreate the powerful vocal sound that is HEAD GAMES – A TRIBUTE TO FOREIGNER.

Dan Morgan / Bass, Sax & Vocals
Dan Morgan has had “stars in his eyes” since the age of 12. He has played in concert bands, rock bands, jazz bands, marching bands, in the orchestra pit and any other combination of musicians you can think of. He loves all kinds of music, but is thrilled to be a part of a tribute to one of the great rock bands he grew up on: FOREIGNER. Dan has played bass guitar and saxophone, and has provided background vocals in bands in Florida, Virginia, and Georgia. He has had both formal and informal training. His lifelong passion for music can be summed up in this FOREIGNER lyric: “So he started rockin’. Ain’t never gonna stop!”

Steve Smith / Drums
Steve is a native of Atlanta with strong ties to the Atlanta music scene. He has played both professionally and in local bands since he was 14 years old. Some of the notable musicians he’s played with are Ed Roland, Derek St Holmes, Keith Burns, and Jason Fowler. Steve is a classic rock, hard hitting drummer with a sophisticated playing style that consistently thrills audiences and makes him the perfect rhythmic power for HEAD GAMES – A TRIBUTE TO FOREIGNER.