37 Main Avondale Estates


Built in 1924

Originally built in 1924 as the post office and Avondale City Hall. It was converted into the Avondale Theatre in 1938. On November 30, 1966 it became an arthouse cinema and was renamed Towne Cinema, opening with Maurice Evans and Judith Anderson in “Macbeth”. In the 1960’s it became the Cinema Showcase, which had closed by the late-1970’s, and it became J & S Recording Studio.  This was followed by use as a punk club and a rock club, before becoming the Nickel and Dime Recording Studio in 2008.  We are proud to announce that 37 Main has set up shop inside of this historic building.  Come see a show soon and experience this state of the art venue.

Did you know?



Refer to the map below to see parking lots adjacent to the venue.

All parking is FREE and no more than one block from the venue.

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